Saturday, March 14, 2020

March 16-20

Students please check your school emails for your schoolwork for the next two weeks.

1st Period: Junior High Ag
Monday: Welcome to Ag class, syllabus (signed syllabus due Friday), class routine, intro to YE bucks
Tuesday: Ted Talk Tuesday, importance of Agriculture
Wednesday: Paper Airplane Factory
Thursday: Livestock Poster
Friday: Livestock Poster

1st Period: Floriculture 
Monday: Nutriental and Environmental Deficiencies and work on Agriscience experiment Agriscience Plant diseases and insects and pests
Tuesday: St. Patrick's Day candy arrangement
Wednesday-Friday: Plant Diseases, Insects and Pests (PowerPoint and guided notes)

3rd Period: Animal Science
Monday-Friday: Hall of Chapter display, Scrapbook for state FFA and agriscience experiment

4th Period: Greenhouse Management
Monday: Guest speaker: Montana Conservation Corp
Tuesday-Friday: STEM activity

5th Period: Ag Welding
Monday-Friday: Last week to work on GMAW joints

6th Period: Ag Woods
Monday-Friday: Various Woodworking projects

Sunday, March 8, 2020

March 9-13

1st Period: Junior High Ag
Monday-Wednesday: Work in shop on projects
Thursday: 3rd quarter activities

2nd Period:
Monday: Flower shop-get white flowers and start floral experiment
Tuesday and Wednesday: Nutritional deficiencies and environmental disorders in plants
Thursday: 3rd quarter activities

3rd Period: Animal Science
Monday-Wednesday: Work on Hall of Chapter display and agriscience experiment
Thursday: 3rd quarter activities

4th Period: Greenhouse Management 
Monday-Wednesday: Work on 3-D landscape design models 
Thursday: 3rd quarter activities

5th Period: Ag Welding
Monday-Wednesday: GMAW and SMAW joints
Thursday: 3rd quarter activities

6th Period:  Ag Woods
Monday-Wednesday: Work in shop on projects
Thursday: 3rd quarter activities

Monday, March 2, 2020

March 2nd-6th

1st Period: Junior High 

Monday-Friday: Safety tests, work on plans and work in shop on small woodworking projects 

2nd Period: Floriculture
Monday and Tuesday: Innovation Activity and flower experiment prep 
Wednesday: Invention Activity (make the product) 
Thursday: Ski Day
Friday: Invention Activity (pitch the product) 

3rd Period: Animal Science
Monday: Digestion System Disease Presentation 
Tuesday: Digestion System Disease Presentation 
Wednesday-Friday: Animal reproductive systems 

4th Period: Greenhouse Management 
Monday-Friday: Landscape Design 3-D model 

5th Period: Ag Welding
Monday-Friday: GMAW various joints and SMAW overhead 

6th Period: Ag Woods
Monday-Friday: Work in shop on various woodworking projects 

Monday, February 24, 2020

February 24-28th

1st Period: Junior High Ag
Monday: Present County Ag projects/Alphabet soup/Cowboy inkblot and numbers activity/YE buck Auction
Tuesday: Shop Safety
Wednesday: Study Safety rules
Thursday and Friday: Take safety tests and draw blocks (front, side, top, 3-D)

2nd Period: Floriculture
Monday: Zip Code Demographics Activity
Tuesday: Ted Talk Tuesday/Innovation Activity
Wednesday: Innovation Activity
Thursday: Invention Activity
Friday: Invention Activity

3rd Period: Animal Science
Monday: Finish Kahoot Ag Trivia
Tuesday-Friday: Common Digestive Diseases (Students will be choosing a disease and writing a research paper about the disease)

4th Period: Greenhouse Management
Monday: Landscape Design (create design using iScape app on phone)
Tuesday: Ted Talk Tuesday/create supplies and materials list for 3-D landscape model
Wednesday-Friday: Create 3-D landscape model

5th Period: Ag Welding
Monday-Friday: Various GMAW welding joints and SMAW overhead welds

6th Period: Ag Woods
Monday: Finish plans and decide type of wood to use/clean shop
Tuesday-Friday: Work in shop on various woodworking projects

Sunday, February 16, 2020

February 17-21

1st Period: Junior High Agriculture 

Monday: Montana County Ag Project
Tuesday: Montana County Ag Project
Wednesday: Present Projects
Thursday: Labeling Activity and inkblot/numbers activity
YE Buck Auction
Friday: No School

2nd Period: Floriculture 

Monday: Floral Portfolio
Tuesday: Zip Code Look Up (Key Terms, PowerPoint and Guided notes) Introduce worksheet/research activity
Wednesday: Zip Code Look Up Worksheet
Thursday: Innovation Activity
Friday: No School

3rd Period: Animal Science

Monday: FFA Districts in Twin Bridges
Tuesday: FFA Week Prep
Wednesday and Thursday: Common Digestive Disease research
Friday: No School

4th Period: Greenhouse Management 

Monday-Thursday: Landscape Design
Friday: No School

5th Period: Ag Welding 
Monday-Thursday: Various GMAW welds and SMAW overhead welds

Friday: No School

6th Period: Ag Woods
Monday: Chapter 31: read chapter and answer questions 1-10 on page 818
Tuesday-Thursday: Work on various woodshop projects
Friday: No School

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Feb 10-14

1st Period: Junior High Ag
Monday: Montana County Ag Projects
Tuesday: Ted Talk Tuesday/MT county ag projects
Wednesday: Montana County Ag Projects
Thursday: Montana County Ag Projects
Friday: CNN 10/present projects

2nd Period: Floriculture
Monday: Finish Focal Point Activity
Tuesday: Ted Talk Tuesday/ Plant and Flower ID
Wednesday: Pick up flowers from Garden Shop
Thursday: Create Valentine's Day arrangements
Friday: Create Senior night arrangements

3rd Period: Animal Science 
Monday: Finish ruminant digestion PowerPoint/Avian Digestion PowerPoint and guided notes.    Start digestion collage
Tuesday: Ted Talk Tuesday/ Digestion collage
Wednesday-Friday: Make and sell dog treats 

4th Period: Greenhouse Management
Monday: Landscape Design rough draft
Tuesday: Ted Talk Tuesday/landscape design rough draft
Wednesday and Thursday: Landscape design-choose flowers, plants shrubs and trees
Friday: Share Eye Spy and YE Buck Auction 

5th Period:  Ag Welding
Monday-Friday: SMAW vertical overhead and GMAW various joint welds

6th Period: Ag Woods 
Monday: Brainstorm/draw plans for next project
Tuesday: Ted Talk Tuesday/draw plans and choose wood type
Wednesday: Chapter 31: Design options for woodworking
Thursday and Friday: Clean shop

Sunday, February 2, 2020

February 3-7th

1st Period: Junior High Ag
Monday: Present Livestock posters/Bridge Building Activity
Tuesday:-Thursday: Montana Counties Ag Project
Friday: PIT game/YE Auction

2nd Period: Floriculture 
Monday: Chapter 8: Flower Selection
Tuesday: Valentine's Day Arrangements-discuss flowers and make a plant/flower list and draw rough draft of design (look at page 356 of textbook)
Wednesday: Hydroponics: How does it work? Different designs and set ups/what does it require to be successful? Plant seeds and set up system 
Thursday: Focal Point Activity
Friday: Plant/Flower ID Notebooks

3rd Period: Animal Science 
Monday: Ruminant Digestion
Tuesday: Ruminant Digestion
Wednesday: Digestion Collage activity
Thursday: Digestions Collage Activity
Friday: Common Digestive diseases in animals (both ruminant and monogastric)

4th Period: Greenhouse Management 
Monday: Eye Spy Activity/ Careers in the Horticulture Industry
Tuesday: Careers in Horticulture Industry
Wednesday: Landscape Design
Thursday: Landscape Design
Friday: Share Eye-Spy Activity and Landscape Design

5th Period: Ag Welding
Monday-Friday: GMAW (plate of beads and various joints)/SMAW (overhead vertical up and down)

6th Period:  Ag Woods 
Monday-Friday: Various woodworking projects