Monday, November 30, 2020

November 30-December 4th

 1st Period: Junior High Ag


YE Auction

Reading a Ruler

Drawing to scale worksheet

Drawing plans (Front, side, top, 3-d)

Intro to shop safety 


Shop safety: go over rules and demo tools

Tool Identification


Draw blocks

Draw shop plans

YE Activity (if time) 

7th Period: Floriculture 


YE Auciton

Extemp Speeches (those who have not presented yet)

Thanksgiving arrangement portfolios

Harvest of the Month-Squash


Find squash recipes 

AET Accounts: Add SAE's to accounts

YE Activity

Farming Game

Read to 1st graders in library 

5th period: Ag Welding 


Ted Talk Tuesday 

SMAW (various joints with 6011,6013,7018 and 7014 rod)


AET Accounts


Friday, November 20, 2020

November 23-24

 Junior High Ag: 1st Period


9:00-10:00: Review and prepare for activities and lessons with the 3rd grade class

10:00-11:15: Work with 3rd graders for a Harvest of the Month Activity (summer and winter squash) 

11:15-12:10: Turkey Lesson 

Floriculture: 7th Period

Monday: Pick up flowers at flower shop and create cornucopia arrangements 

Social Media documentary on Netflix while making arrangement (if time allows)

Floral Portfolio if time

YE Buck Auction

Ag Welding: 5th Period


Weld for half of class and watch Social Media Documentary (The Social Dilema) for other half 

Friday, November 13, 2020

November 16-20

 Junior High Ag: 1st Period


Present Livestock Posters

Aquaculture Lesson (watch videos, fill out Venn Diagram, discuss importance of aquaculture and participate in overfishing activity)

Wildlife Lesson (watch reindeer and alligator farm video) and pick wildlife animal to research 


YE Buck Auction 

Finish Wildlife Project 

Harvest of the Month: Summer and Winter Squash 

Find squash recipe to make

Go over lesson we will be doing with 3rd grade class next week 

Floriculture: 7th Period


Thanksgiving Arrangements (pick flowers, vases/baskets, create raffle tickets and flyers)

Clay models of Thanksgiving Arrangements

 Extemporaneous speaking

Parli pro  (watch video and practice if time) 


Help Mrs. Heggen in the library with the book fair 

Welding: 5th Period


Ted Talk Tuesday 

SMAW for welding I students (working on various joints) 

Individual shop projects for Welding II and III (tractor seat stools and can crusher) 


AET journal entries on Computers 

SMAW for welding I students (working on various joints) 

Individual shop projects for Welding II and III (tractor seat stools and can crusher) 

Friday, November 6, 2020

November 9-13

 Junior High Ag: 1st Period

Monday: Triangle taste test (Food Science and Technology lesson) 

Work on Livestock poster 

Present posters if time 


Importance of Plants, Germination and Seed Requirements 

Aquaculture Lesson-Comparing different aquaculture productions/venn diagram/lesson with videos and guided notes/overfishing activity 

Wildlife Lesson (if time) 

Floriculture: 7th Period

Monday: Share brochures with the class

MoneyBowl Activity and go over the 3 markets in the economy

FFA CDE and LDE presentation 

JDAE virtual events for FFA members

Wednesday: Food Science and Technology Lesson (Triangle Test) 

Thanksgiving Arrangements (pick flowers and vases or cornucopias) 

Begin making clay models of arrangements

Ag Welding: 5th Period

Tuesday: MoneyBowl activity and introduce 3 markets of economy

SMAW-go over joints to be completed for the semester

Weld SMAW and Oxy-acetylene 

Thursday: AET journal entries

SMAW and Oxy-acetylene welding (various joints) 

Individual shop projects for Welding II and III (can crusher and welding stools) 

Friday, October 30, 2020

November 2-6

 1st Period: Junior High Agriculture 

Monday: Welcome to Ag! (Go over syllabus and classroom routine)

Introduce YE bucks 

About Me project

Paper Airplane Activity (if time) 

Wednesday: Guest Speaker (MSU AgEd student) to present about FFA

Present About Me presentations 

7th Period: Floriculture


Complete Floral Portfolio for Pumpkin Arrangements

Logon to AET accounts and set up profiles and brainstorm SAE ideas (decide which category your SAE is in) 

Floral Career Brochure 


12:45-1:50: Complete Floral Career Brochure

1:50-2:30: Read with 1st graders in library 

2:30-3:40: YE Activity "Money Bowl" and watch John Stossel's Greed video series

Introduce 3 sectors of markets 

5th Period: Ag Welding

Tuesday: Oxy-acetylene and SMAW practice welding

Packet of SMAW joints to be completed will be passed out as well

Thursday: Oxy-acetylene and SMAW welding

YE Activity: "Moneybowl"

Watch Stossel videos

Introduce 3 markets of the economy 

Parent Teacher Conference Zoom Meeting Link

 Jenny Anderson is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Parent/Teacher Conferences 

Time: Nov 3, 2020 04:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 897 9158 2651

Passcode: n1HtBc

Friday, October 23, 2020

October 26th-October 30th

 Junior High Ag: 1st Period

Monday: Work in shop on projects 

Wednesday: Last day to work in shop on projects.  If students do not finish today they will need to come in on Friday and Finish.  Final YE Buck Auction 

Floriculture: 7th Period

Monday: FFA New Horizons Activities

Logon to AET and set up accounts 

Pumpkin Arrangement Prep (draw design on pumpkins and begin carving if time) 

Wednesday: Go to flower shop to pick up flowers and make pumpkin arrangements 

Ag Welding

Tuesday: SMAW Process


Welding Pattern Practice

Practice SMAW 

Continue Oxy-acetylene welding if not finished 

Thursday: Tintina Resources Field Trip (we will go on site and take a tour of the site-pending weather).  If field trip gets cancelled we will begin SMAW-practice welding and begin plate of stringer beads