Friday, September 13, 2019

September 16-20

1st Period: Junior High Ag 

Monday: Livestock breeds overview.  Introduction to Livestock Judging (what is it, why do we do it and students will practice by judging produce)
Tuesday: Livestock Judging practice (Market, feeder, breeding of swine, goats, sheep and beef)
Wednesday: Livestock judging terms to know, write a set of reasons
Thursday: Practice giving reasons to classmates and judge more livestock classes
Friday: How to read bull data and understanding keep/cull classes.  Vet tool ID

2nd Period: Floriculture

Monday-Tuesday: Chapter 6: page 113 (Principles of Floral Design) Discuss Bud vases (flower and foliage/filler selection, pricing out materials and designing vase)
Wednesday: Flower shop to pick up flowers
Thursday: Arrange bud vases
Friday: Begin floral portfolio (PowerPoint that keeps a record of students' arrangements throughout the year)

3rd Period: Animal Science 

Monday: Class pet discussion and being prepping for Ruby Valley Invitational (RVI-FFA livestock judging, range/soils and forestry competition)
Tuesday-Friday: RVI prep

4th Period: Greenhouse Management

Monday-Friday: Plant ID, water plants, compost bin (maintain and make posters), work on greenhouse

5th Period: Ag Welding 

Monday: Juniors and Seniors are at College Fair in Livingston
Tuesday-Wednesday: Oxy-Acetylene procedures and safety (discussion, demonstration, worksheets and safety tests) Metal shop safety rules and tests
Thursday and Friday: Oxyacetylene welding (fill a plate with beads-no filler rod)

6th Period: Ag Woods 

Monday-Tuesday: Draw blocks and practice drawing to scale, materials list and blueprints for first shop project
Wednesday-Friday: Work in shop

Monday, September 9, 2019

September 9-13

1st Period: Junior High Agriculture 
Monday: Livestock Posters
Tuesday: Finish Livestock posters and present posters
Wednesday: Mentor training
Thursday: Livestock Judging
Friday: No School

2nd Period: Floriculture 
Monday: Color wheel
Tuesday: Finish color wheel. Bud Vases: design and create flower/filler list
Wednesday: Mentor training
Thursday: Arrange bud vases
Friday: No School

3rd Period: Animal Science 
Monday: Discuss class pet proposals
Tuesday: Mentor training
Wednesday: Mentor training
Thursday: Class pet proposal and start preparing for Ruby Valley Invitational
Friday: No School

4th Period: Greenhouse Management 
Monday: Plant ID
Tuesday: Work on greenhouse
Wednesday: Mentor training
Thursday: Work on greenhouse
Friday: No School

5th Period: Ag Welding 
Monday: Review chapter 29 and symbols worksheet
Tuesday: Mentor Training
Wednesday: Oxy-acetylene worksheet (set up and procedures for oxy-acetylene welding)
Thursday: Oxy-acetylene safety
Friday: No School

6th Period: Ag Woods 
Monday: Chapter 10 and 11 review
Tuesday-Thursday: Safety Rules and take safety tests (draw plans/materials list for woodshop project)
Friday: No School

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

September 2-6

1st Period: Junior High Ag 

Monday: No School
Tuesday: Animal Terminology (PowerPoint and guided notes)
Wednesday-Friday: Livestock Poster (students are researching various livestock animals and creating a poster displaying information and pictures about their livestock)

2nd Period: Floriculture 

Monday: No School
Tuesday: Chapter 8 and discuss color themes/schemes
Wednesday: Color wheel
Thursday: Color wheel
Friday: Student council speeches

3rd Period: Animal Science  

Monday: No School
Tuesday: Research class pet options
Wednesday: Clean chicken pen/prepare incubator for eggs
Thursday and Friday: Class pet proposal plan

4th Period: Greenhouse Management 

Monday: No School
Tuesday-Thursday: Silicon greenhouse panels/work in garden
Friday: Plant ID Notebooks

5th Period: Ag Welding

Monday: No School
Tuesday and Wednesday: Reading and understanding welding symbols, joints and blueprints
Thursday and Friday: Chapter 29: Heat Treatment (read chapter and complete guided worksheet)

6th Period: Ag Woods 

Monday: No School
Tuesday: Safety Rules in the shop
Wednesday: Shop Safety (tool demonstrations). Take safety quizzes
Thursday: Chapter 10 and 11
Friday: Chapter 10 and 11

Monday, August 26, 2019

August 26-August 30th

1st Period: Junior High Ag

Monday: Present About Me PowerPoints
Tuesday: What is agriculture? Importance of agriculture (PowerPoint and guided notes)
Wednesday: Ag Walk around school campus (we will walk as a class around campus to find products produced with ag)
Thursday: Livestock Poster
Friday: Livestock Poster

2nd Period: Floriculture

Monday: History of Floral Design
Tuesday: History of Floral Design (poster is due at beginning of class on Wednesday)
Wednesday: Present posters. Begin Chapter 8-page 156-166 (discuss color and complete color diagram). Start color wheel
Thursday: Color Wheel
Friday: Continue Chapter 8 (page 166-173)

3rd Period: Animal Science 

Monday: FFA  meeting prep and thank you card writing
Tuesday-Thursday: Careers in Animal Science (students will make a brochure that gives information about 2 Animal Industry careers)
Friday: Labor day rodeo fundraiser prep

4th Period: Greenhouse Management

Monday: Plant ID Notebooks and plant seeds (lettuce, radish and basil)
Tuesday-Friday: Repair greenhouse and set up solar panel heater

5th Period: Ag Welding

Monday: Soldering, brazing and welding sample videos. Chapter 29: Heat Treatment of Metals (read chapter and complete comprehensive worksheet)
Tuesday: Chapter 29
Wednesday-Friday: Reading and understanding welding symbols

6th Period: Ag Woods

Monday: Share Woodworking careers with class. Chapter 9: Wood Read chapter and complete comprehensive worksheet
Tuesday: Chapter 9 worksheet
Wednesday: Chapter 9 wood types and their purpose
Thursday: Chapter 10 and Chapter 11
Friday: Tools in the wood shop

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

August 19-23rd

1st Period: Junior High Agriculture 

Wednesday: Class procedures/ all school assembly
Thursday:  Class overview/course syllabus (signed syllabus due August 27th). Introduce About Me PowerPoint Project
Friday: About Me PowerPoint Project
About Me Project
Directions: You will create a PowerPoint with pictures and words that tell myself and your classmates about yourself.  For each of the following topics, find a picture either by searching on the internet or uploading from your phone.

First slide: Title slide with a title, your name and a picture of yourself!

Slide 2: This makes me happy (find a picture of something that makes you happy)
Slide 3: This makes me sad (find a picture of something that makes you sad)
Slide 4: This makes me proud
Slide 5: This makes me cry
Slide 6: This makes me laugh
Slide 7: This makes me scared
Slide 8: This makes me tap my toes and sing along (what is your favorite kind of music?)
Slide 9: This makes me tired
Slide 10: This makes me cranky
Slide 11: This makes me motivated (what motivates you?)
Slide 12: This makes me hungry (what is your favorite food?)
Slide 13: This makes me feel studious (what is your favorite subject in school?)
Slide 14: This makes me colorful (what is your favorite color?)

2nd Period: Floriculture 

Wednesday: Class overview/course syllabus (signed syllabus due August 27th)
Thursday: History of Floral Design 
Friday: History of Floral Design 

History of Floral Design
Directions: Each of you will choose 2 time eras (pg 28-43) and read the sections.  Once you have read your sections, you will gather information and pictures to create a poster.  Put your information for both time era’s on the same poster.

Your poster should have the following information for EACH time era:

1.)   A description about the design schemes used in that era.  Describe what the floral arrangements looked like, the type of flowers they used, popular colors, types of vases or pots they used, etc.

2.)   If your book lists events that arrangements were used at, list them

3.)   If your book lists why certain flowers were used, explain the meaning/history/symbolism

4.)   Find 2 pictures of arrangements from EACH time era

5.)   Make sure there is a title with the time period (example: ROME 28 BC-325 CE)

List your 2 time era’s here and any notes you take while reading your section:

3rd Period: Animal Science  

Wednesday: Class overview/course syllabus (signed syllabus due August 27th)
Thursday: Careers in the Animal Science Industry 
Friday: Careers in the Animal Science Industry 

4th Period: Greenhouse Management  

Wednesday: Class overview/course syllabus (signed syllabus due August 27th)
Thursday: Class Advisory 
Friday: Work in school garden 

5th Period: Ag Welding  

Wednesday: Class overview/course syllabus (signed syllabus due August 27th)
Thursday: Issue textbooks 
Lesson 1: Metallurgy (discussion, key terms)
Friday: Continue lesson 1: Metallurgy

6th Period: Ag Woods 

Wednesday: Class overview/course syllabus (signed syllabus due August 27th)
Thursday and Friday: Careers in woodworking (students will research and present to the class about various woodworking careers)

Monday, May 13, 2019

May 13-18

2nd period: Floriculture

Monday and Tuesday: Portfolio for Mother's Day Arrangements
Wednesday and Thursday: Prep/plan for graduation arrangements and corsages/boutonnieres
Friday: Make graduation arrangements, corsages and boutonnieres

3rd period: Animal Science

Monday: Hazardous Veterinary Situations (guided worksheet and discussion)
Tuesday: MSDS example sheet and worksheet, Zoonotic research (with worksheet)
Wednesday: Dog Biscuit baking prep
Thursday: Bake Dog Biscuits
Friday: Clinical exams (how to evaluate animal upon arrival to the vet)

4th period: Advanced Tech Ed 

Monday-Friday: Clean shop and inventory shop supplies

5th period: Ag Welding  

Monday-Friday: Clean shop and inventory shop supplies

6th period: Ag Woods 

Monday-Friday: Clean shop and inventory shop supplies

7th period: Greenhouse Management

Monday: Plant ID
Tuesday-Friday: Garden  prep and greenhouse repairs

Friday, May 3, 2019

May 6-10

2nd Period: Floriculture 

Monday: CDE days prep
Tuesday: Mother's Day Arrangement (list of materials and flowers)
Wednesday: Pick up flowers and prepare for FFA banquet
Thursday: Make Mother's Day Arrangements
Friday: No School

3rd Period: Animal  

Monday: Present Swine Diseases and Parasites PowerPoints, begin Vet Science unit
Friday: No School

4th Period: Advanced Tech Ed 

Monday-Thursday: Work in shop on group projects, Thursday is the last day in the shop to work on projects.
Friday: No School

5th Period: Ag Welding 

Monday-Thursday: Forge projects and individual metal projects, Thursday is the last day to work in the shop.
Friday: No School

6th Period: Ag Woods 

Monday-Thursday: Work in shop on cutting boards and individual woodworking projects, Thursday is the last day to work in the shop on projects.

Friday: No School

7th Period: Greenhouse Management  

Monday: Plant ID Notebooks
Tuesday: FFA New Horizons Activity
Wednesday-Thursday: Work on school garden plans and greenhouse repairs.
Friday: No School